I received the candles and they look beautiful! Thank You.

Hi Lois, the candles just arrived, I love them and can not wait to order some more. Could you please tell me which is the most strongest scents from your bakery list? Thank You

Received my order today; the candles are so pretty to look at and have such a great scent to them, you can tell they really were made with love. Thank You!

I have to say these are the very best candles I have found.

Your candles are so beautiful your website doesn't due them justice and they smell wonderful.

Hey there, Just wanted to say Thank You for the candles!! I have only burnt the cinnamon doughnut one and I LOVE IT!! Also, let me just tell you that the tart you sent me was PHENOMINAL! I mean I smelled it for 2 days without changing it and only used half at a time!! So once again thanks and I will definitely be ordering again!! :)

Lois, Thank you so much for your care in servicing my orders. You have an amazing ability to make me feel like I am your most important customer. I am confident that each of your customers feel that way! May you and your team continue to spread joy to all who discover your phenomenal treasures of light.

Hi Lois,I just wanted to let you know that I received my candles today and I am very pleased. The apple strudle candles smell so yummy, I wanted apple pie all day today! I appreciate your great customer service and the way you sent the package wrapped with so much care! It is hard to find good companies these days. I will definitely be coming back. Probably sooner than later! Thank you

My candles arrived today and I must share that my first experience with your company has been absolutely delightful. Your candles are above and beyond my every expectation. I was ‘wowed’ by the packaging of each individual candle only to be ‘double-wowed’ by the scent upon opening. Your email update was an unexpected and pleasant surprise; you surely have mastered making both great candles and great relationships with customers.

All my best to you and your continued success

I 've tried so many different candles and melts from other companies. None of them have the scent throw or last as long as yours. I keep them in my office and at home. I love them!

"I love your melts so much. My house smells so good, no one even knows I have a cat."

" I'm back for more. I bought a bag of assorted melts last time and my house has never smelled so incredible."
Customer at Riverside Arts Market

I have the Parisian vanilla, and I absolutely love it! It has a
really nice throw. I was wondering if your other vanilla scents (vanilla bean and
vanilla almond) have the same strong vanilla smell as the parisian vanilla. Thanks!

Dear Lois, I have been meaning to get in here & thank you for such a nice packaging & quick service . I enjoy your tarts and candle is so pretty !!!! thanks again, will be ordering soon

The candles and melts arrived and smell even yummier than I imagined! I threw a pumpkin spice melt in the warmer right away - who cares if its still 100 degrees in Texas!

Nothing lighted up this dreary day (pun intended) more then receiving
my candle shipment. They arrived when expected and were
packaged with a very nice handwritten note.
I can't wait to enjoy them in my new home office. Thank You!