Passion: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.

It's why we've been making and selling candles since 2000. We started in a small town in Maine as something to keep our identical twins busy. Years later our family has grown; the girls are now busy with their own families. Leo and I are still hand pouring and finishing every candle and melt we sell. We have a passion for getting it right, we love keeping it real and we strive to bring you candles and melts that smell great, last a long time, burn clean and don't break the bank.

We've been working with both soy and paraffin wax from the beginning in jars, pillars and melts but in 2012 Lois came up with a candle so unique it's everything we are wrapped into one. It's fun, full of color, smells delicious, burns like we say it does and just plain makes you smile. We call it our Twirl and Swirl: it's made with a specially developed pouring technique and every one is different, making a candle that is uniquely yours.