We love questions! We thought it would be fun and informative to put some of the more frequently asked questions here for you. If you have a question that is not answered here please drop us an email we'd love to hear from you.

1. What makes your candles different than others on the market?

A.  We are always striving to improve so we put alot of time, research, quality ingredients into our candles and top them with a whole lot of love. Every candle is hand poured when you order, then we hand finish and inspect each one before we wrap it to ship. If it doesn't meet our standard, we will not sell it. While it's time consuming we feel it's important because our name goes on every candle we make and we want it to be the very best candle you can find anywhere.

2. Is soy a better choice than paraffin?

A. Honestly it is a personal choice. You'll read alot of misinformation on the web about paraffin but the truth is paraffin candles have been burned for years with no ill effect or health problems that have been linked to candle use.  It's also been and continues to be used to coat many of the foods we eat and for therapy purposes for people with arthritis. Our paraffin is actually a blend that comes to us containing soy,vegetable waxes and paraffin so you get the best of both worlds. We work with all three waxes simply because we enjoy the unique characteristics each has to offer. You can also rest assured that we do not mix our waxes.  All waxes go through a refining or filtering process to remove impurities or pollens.

3. Does your candles contain any animal by products?

A. No way. We are huge animals lovers here (just ask our houseful of fur babies).  Candles are our passion and we have a commitment to creating quality products.  We do not add any animal by products or test our products on animals.

4. What does clean burning mean?

A.  Anything that burns will create some soot and smoke. We use the finest wick, highest grade fragrance oils and waxes on the market to create a candle that produces very little soot when cared for properly ( please read our candle burning tips to learn the art of candle burning and for best burning results).

5. Why do you still hand make all your candles instead of using machines like more well known companies do?

A. Anyone can produce a candle using a machine but it takes a committed artist to create hand poured candles that meet and in most cases exceed the quality of larger companies that use machines.  We believe hand pouring results in a better and higher quality candle for our customers.  We also feel we are able to energize our candles with the passion and love with have for candle making, not something you can do with a machine. It's alot like adding that love element in your cooking.

6. Why do your candles smell so good after I have had it for a long time?

A. We're very picky about our fragrance oils and not all with the same name are the same quality.  If the oils contain alcohol, like many of the cheaper oils do, the scent will evaporate as the alcohol base is burned off. We mix our fragrance oils throughout the wax to ensure consist fragrance release and we test, test and test again before we offer it on our website.  You'll find all of our fragrance oils are alcohol free and phthalate free.

7. Does your wicks contain lead?

A. No they do not. In fact you can not buy wicks containing lead in the United States.  We use cotton wick or FDA zinc core wick or cotton core wicks in all of our candles. There are lots of things to consider with choosing a wick, flame height, burn pool quality and scent throw produced. The reason we use more then one kind of wick is simple, different wicks work very differently in waxes so for the very best burn we use the very best wicks. If you choose to buy candles that are produced in other countries from local stores, please be sure to ask if the candle contains lead wicks as their laws may not be as strict as ours in the USA.

 8.Do you ship to P.O. boxes and F.P.O. and A.P.O. addresses?

A. We sure do. Leo is retired Navy so we understand what it's like to live overseas and how exciting it can be to have a little piece of home to help you get use to a new culture. Fragrances are strongly linked to memories so lighting a favorite fragrance can bring comfort and something familiar to you while exploring all the fun and excitement of your new home. 

9.Are your candles guaranteed?
A. You betcha. Our candles carry a 100% guarantee.  If you are not satisfied for any reason we will refund your cost of the candle to you by a company check, shipping charges can not be refunded.

10. Will I have to return my candles to get a refund?

A. Yes, just return the candles to us using the original box or any suitable packing material and we will send your refund upon receiving the returned candles. Please contact us first before returning your candle

11. I have heard that candles have a memory. What does that mean?

A. When you first burn your candle allow it to burn long enough that the melt pool reaches the edge of the candle.  In future burnings, all candles will only burn as far from the wick as they did the first time. This is referred to as a "candles memory". Once broken in allow the candle to burn no longer then the number of hours that equal its diameter, example a 2-inch diameter candle should burn no more then 2 hours at one time.  Blow the candle out and allow it to cool and the wax to hardened before lighting again. Always remember to clip the wick to 1/4 inch before relighting and during your burning to prevent soot and overheating the glass containers.

Happy Melting