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mason jar candle
9 oz Mason Jar
solid jar candle

11 oz Interlude Jar

Traditional classic candles by Pouring Candle come in two sizes our 11oz Interlude or our super cute 9 oz mason jar a customer favorite. Our special wax blend gives you brightly colored, strong scented and clean burning candle experience from first light to the very end.  We've been making candles for 14 years and we pour our heart into every one we made. We use FDA approved zinc core wick, for a perfect burn.

Approximate Burn Times for our candles. Burn time always depend on the conditions the candle is care for and burned in. Check out our burn safe page for tips on getting the best from any candle.

Our Burn Times

Mason Jars 130-140 hours

Interlude 70-80 hours

9 oz. Square Mason   Price: $9.00 each
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11 oz.  Interlude Jar   Price: $ 12.00 each                              
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